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An Intro to Dutch Cuisine

THE perception of Dutch cuisine for the majority is shaped by Van Gogh’s ‘Aardappeleters’ (The Potato Eaters), a masterful depiction of homeland peasants sat around the dinner table. Times have of course progressed, but one will find the humble potato … Continue reading

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SINCE the spud’s introduction in the 18th century, the potato has become the staple food of the Dutch people, resulting in the home-cooked treat known as Stamppot. A down-to-earth meal (literally), Stamppot involves adding mashed potatoes with varying ingredients like … Continue reading

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FOOD MUSEUM – Frietmuseum

BRUGE is at the self-appointed centre of the potato chip universe and I wouldn’t try to argue about it as they’ve only gone and created the first ever museum dedicated to the history of potato fries. The Frietmuseum, located in … Continue reading

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