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PLACES TO VISIT – Beer goggles or sunglasses?

FOR those who prefer the beer goggles to the sunglasses, Samoa has the Vailima Brewery that’s open for tours every Thursday (providing you give them a heads up you’re coming to visit of course.) You’ll surely get the opportunity whilst … Continue reading

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BEER FESTIVAL – Bavarian brew up

OKTOBERFEST is the biggest beer festival of them all… It begins on the first Saturday after the 15th of September and is held annually over as many as 18 days in the city of Munich. As part of the 200 … Continue reading

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PLACES TO VISIT – Amsterdam Tasting Houses

HAVING at one time exported over 1,300 million litres of beer in a year, it’s highly likely you’re familiar with the Dutch powerhouse breweries of Bavaria, Heineken & Grolsch. What you might not be quite so clued up on is … Continue reading

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DRINKS – Belgian Beer Goggles

TOURISTS flock from around the world looking to experience Belgian beer culture, and why wouldn’t they? Ever since the Middle Ages, when local Belgian monasteries first began to brew, beer has become well and truly ingrained into Belgium’s heritage. So … Continue reading

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