HOME COOKING – Fit for a Duke


That's the face of a man who loves his layered puddings

THE cheeky little moustache can’t help but catch your eye, belongs to Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover, particularly fond of a snappy two layered dessert called Welf Pudding, first cooked to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the rule of the House of Welf. The pudding contains a white bottom layer, made from a cooked milk and vanilla sauce on a base of very stiffly whipped egg-white. After being chilled, it’s then covered with a yellow layer of wine sauce made of beaten egg yolk, white wine and a dash of lemon juice, resulting in a pudding that shares the same colours as the flag of… the House of Welf. Classified now as a cultural speciality from Lower Saxony, Welf Pudding (or Welfenspeise), can now be found in kitchens across Germany, whereas that portrait of Ernest Augustus and his stunning hair can be found in the British Royal collection.


This two layered dessert is dedicated to the memory of Ernest Augustus Elector of Hanover


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