PLACES TO VISIT – Amsterdam Tasting Houses

HAVING at one time exported over 1,300 million litres of beer in a year, it’s highly likely you’re familiar with the Dutch powerhouse breweries of Bavaria, Heineken & Grolsch. What you might not be quite so clued up on is of the location of the best ‘proeverijen’ (tasting houses) ran in association with local distilleries, and as nobody wants to be drunkenly stumbling around Amsterdam in the search of somewhere decent to wet your whistle, courtesy of, you’ll be privy to the location of the best haunts in town.


De Admiraal (Herengracht 319, tel 020-6254334)
The biggest (and one of the most beautiful) of all Amsterdam tasting houses is connected to the Van Wees distillery. Besides some 16 jenevers and 60 liquors, all of their own making, it’s also a restaurant.

De Drie Fleschjes (Gravenstraat 18, tel 020-6248443)
The oldest tasting house in Amsterdam (founded 1650) as connected then to the Bootz distilling company. Specializes in jenevers (Dutch gin) and sweet liquors. In it’s long history, it’s famous visitors included (according to legend) the famous painter Rembrandt, naval hero Michiel de Ruyter and world renowned philosopher Spinoza.

De Ooievaar (St. Olofspoort 1, tel 020-4208004)
A wonderful small tasting house, founded 1782, offering liquors from De Ooievaar distillery which is still located in the Amsterdam Jordaan neighborhood. The building is leaning over but it was actually constructed that way.

Wynand Fockink (Pijlsteeg 31, tel 020-6392695)
Dating back to 1679, Wynand Fockink is famous for their house specialities, such as the ‘Boswandeling’ (a special mix of gin and liqueur) and it’s ‘Half en Half’. This place has very pleasant hosts, and is not expensive. Located right behind the Krasnapolsky Hotel.


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