FOOD FESTIVALS – ‘t Preuvenemint

IT’S always nice when visiting a new country to experience life outside of the capital city, and it’s even better when you’ve got the food festival ‘t Preuvenemint to enjoy whilst you’re at it. ‘t Preuvenmint is a four-day culinary event on the Vrijthof square in the city of Maastricht, with all the proceeds being fully donated to good causes. The four-day culinary event is a great way to get to know the culture of the province Limburg and as it’s free of charge you’ve got no excuse not to visit the festival held yearly through the last full weekend of August. Over thirty stands are put up here and function just like any high quality restaurant with everyone getting the opportunity to taste delicious food and wine whilst also enjoying the large variety of live music held on stage.

I'll take it all to go please.


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One Response to FOOD FESTIVALS – ‘t Preuvenemint

  1. I have truly enjoyed food from Vivendum at the food fair. Just a side note, Holland is not a country, Holland is only part of the Netherlands. 😉

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