SOUVENIRS – Belgian Chocolate

LINDA Grayson famously said in Charles Dickens’ ‘Pickwick Papers’ that ‘there’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.’ So with that being said, if you’re looking to sample some of the best chocolate in the world whilst at the same time enjoy the benefit of becoming everyone’s best friend back home, you’ll want to look into bringing some of that world famous Belgium chocolate back home. Thankfully, the Belgian Tourist Office has collated a list of the best Chocolatiers to visit when given the opportunity. Below is the entire list for your benefit, if you’d like to visit the website itself just follow the link here.

Wittamer Chocolate

Nobody knows the truffles I've seen...

Chocolatier Jean Philippe Darcis : Stores in Liège, Namur, Lasne, Heusy, Verviers & in Brussels (Petite rue au Beurre,14)

Chocolatier Marcolini : Stores In Brussels & Liège. Flagship store place du Grand Sablon

Corne Port Royal : Stores In Brussels, Liège, Charleroi, Louvain La Neuve, Arlon….Flagship store Galerie de la Reine

Mary Chocolatier: Store in Brussels ( Rue Royale 73)

Wittamer : Store in Brussels (Place du Grand Sablon 6)

Chocolatier Manon : Store in Brussels (Rue Tilmont, 64)

Chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud: Store in Brussels ( Rue Ravenstein 2D)

Maison des Maitres Chocolatiers: 10 chocolatiers are represented in this store located in the Grand Place

Les chocolats d’Edouard also in Florenville

Docobu also in Waterloo

Corne 1932 : Store in Brussels (Galeries du Roi 24-26)

Passion Chocolat: Store in Brussels (Rue Bodenbroek 2/4)

Benoit Nihant: Store in Liege (passage Lemonnier, 30) & Embourg


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