FAST FOOD – A Guide to Moules

WHEREVER you go to eat eat in Belgium, you’re virtually guaranteed to come across Moules (aka Mussels) in various servings, usually with a side of chips and some homemade mayonnaise. It’s more than just the national food however, it’s a passion that’s come about through the strong historical bonds the country shares with the North sea, where the majority of them come from.

The Mussels from Brussels

For the uninitiated, eating Moules can be quite the daunting prospect. But, have no fear,  the Belgian seafood stalwart shall soon be at your mercy with this simple yet authentic video guide of how to eat Moules the Belgian way. For that video, just click here.

One restaurant that you can’t escape from mentioning when talking about Belgian Mussels is Chez Leon, where over half a ton of mussels can be served up by this one restaurant alone. With that said, many restaurants will serve up another portion of those steamy blue creatures once you have worked your way through your initial serving pot, so be prepared for seconds.

Dinner at Chez Leon




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